child get killed after get raped to steal her liver for use in magic rituals


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An Indian girl was raped before she was murdered and her liver stolen in order to conduct sorcery rituals for a couple who desperately wanted to have children.

Police said that a couple, who live in the Kanpur district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, had asked two men to bring them a 7-year-old child’s livers in exchange for a financial reward.

According to the Indian police report, the girl was killed on the night of the “Diwali” festival, sacred to the Hindus, after her rape, and before cutting her stomach to extract her liver.

Police indicated that the husband who lives with his wife in a village called Bhadras paid money to his nephew and another man to carry out this task.

The couple believes that eating a young girl’s liver will help a woman conceive and give birth, according to a sorcery ritual called “tantra.”

The girl’s parents had spent the night searching for their child until they managed to find her mutilated body in the morning, about a kilometer outside the village near a forest.

Through investigations, the police discovered that the killers managed to seduce the child and kidnap her by giving her a bag of fried potatoes, then take her to an abandoned place where she was assaulted and killed for 1,500 rupees, equivalent to 20 US dollars.

The two killers explained that they spent the reward money on acquiring alcoholic drinks, while they were charged with premeditated murder.


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