59 killed in a shooting accident in Las Vegas


Pensacola, fl

A 64-year-old gunman killed 59 people and injured 527 others, during a concert in Las Vegas as the crowd rained bullets from the 32nd floor of a hotel for several minutes before committing suicide.

In the meantime, the ISIS-affiliated Amaq agency claimed responsibility for the shooting in Las Vegas, and said that “the perpetrator of the Las Vegas attack was a soldier of the organization and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting the countries of the coalition, but US officials said that there is no evidence yet linking the militant to any international group.” Militant.

US officials stated that the security agencies are investigating the claim of “ISIS” responsibility for the incident.

The Las Vegas police chief, Joseph Lombardo, announced that more than 58 people were killed, while about 500 were wounded in the shooting after a gunman opened fire from a room in a hotel parking lot and shot about 3 thousand people who participated in the festival.

Las Vegas police reported that the shooter, Stephan Paddock, committed suicide before security forces arrived in the hotel room he was staying in. “We think he committed suicide before we got to the room,” Lombardo told reporters, ruling out the presence of other armed accomplices.

Lombardo had revealed earlier that the suspect was an American resident of Las Vegas, and he launched the attack alone, but the authorities are looking for a woman with Asian features, which police said accompanied the suspect. Lombardo said the gunman was called Stefan Paddock, aged 64.

In addition, he added, he did not believe that the suspect in the attack had any links to any militant groups.

It is noteworthy that a spokesperson for a hospital in Las Vegas announced earlier, as a preliminary toll, at least two people were killed and 24 were wounded by gunshot wounds, 14 of them in critical condition.

And the Las Vegas police announced earlier, and before the operation, which has not yet been determined whether it was a terrorist or not, became clear, on its Twitter account, that it was investigating reports of gunfire in the area, asking everyone to avoid going there.

After the heavy gunfire, hundreds of people were evacuated from the compound, amid panic people who were attending the party.

Television channels posted videos showing people rushing to flee the party.


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