3 people were injured in a shooting accident in Wisconsin


Pensacola, fl

Three people were injured in a shooting accident in Wawattosa, Wisconsin.

The sources said, quoting local sources, that the shooting incident took place in the “Mayfair” commercial center in the city in the said state.

The sources reported that at least 3 wounded were taken from the scene of the crime to the hospital by ambulances, and the police have not issued a press statement yet regarding the cause of the accident.

The ABC network quoted Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride as saying that the attacker was still “on the run.”

The authorities said that “7 adults and a minor were taken to hospital,” without being able to determine the severity of their injuries.

The police declared that the shooter, whose identity has not been revealed, is a “white man in his twenties or thirties.”

Several employees took shelter inside the mall, according to videos circulating on social media showing them in hiding.

There were at least 40 security forces vehicles at the site, in addition to ambulances carrying many of the wounded


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