A woman stabs an employee 27 times in Chicago for asking her to wear a mask


Pensacola, fl

Chicago police announced that a woman had stabbed a store employee 27 times, while another woman grabbed him by his hair after he asked them to wear a muzzle.

Police spokeswoman Carrie James said the attack took place around 6 pm in the West Side.

Two women, Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18, entered the store and were greeted by the 32-year-old employee and asked to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer available at the door.

So, the two women started screaming at the employee, and one of them started punching him in the chest, then Jessica Hill pulled a knife from her back pocket and stabbed him more than 27 times while Jayla Hill was holding him by his hair, and he was transferred to the hospital in critical condition.


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