A wedding causes a mass infection of the Corona virus in Maine


Pensacola, fl

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 177 people have contracted the Coronavirus after attending a wedding in Maine.

In its report, the centers indicated that experts tracked the series of injuries, and found that “patient zero” was one of the guests of the wedding ceremony attended by 55 people, which was held in a small town with a population of 4,500 people, and no case had been reported before.

He continued: “The patient who was carrying the virus did not feel any symptoms, but a day after the wedding, she got the results of the examination a week after she presented a swab to show that she was positive (infected), while two other guests received positive results after 5 days, and the next day was discovered. The virus was found in 3 other people, as all of them complained of sore throat, high fever and dry cough.

The report indicated that infections were discovered in 27 out of 55 guests, and the staff of the restaurant in which the wedding was held was also infected, and after that the virus began to spread through secondary connections for the first infected, penetrating into a nursing home and a prison located 100 kilometers from the town.

He confirmed that as a result, the experts counted 177 injured persons, after which 7 patients died, and none of the direct guests of the ceremony was among the deceased.


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