Six were shot dead in a Seattle mall


Pensacola, fl

6 citizens were killed by gunfire inside a mall in the city of “Seattle” in the state of Washington on the west coast of the United States. The New York Times quoted a spokesman for the city police, Mark Francis, as saying that “four women were killed in the attack that occurred near the cosmetics department.” Beautician at Macy’s in the Cascade Mall ”.

“Francis” added that the attack took place around seven in the evening local time in the state, and one of the injured died at a later time after being transferred to the hospital due to the seriousness of the injury he had suffered, so that the death toll from the assault would be five dead, and the local police is expected to hold a press conference to explain the circumstances. The incident.

Reuters quoted American media as saying that some shoppers in the mall locked themselves in their changing rooms, while the police evacuated others, and a local police spokesman said through his account on the social networking site, Twitter, that the search teams are still making efforts. To find the culprit, he revealed that he is “of Latin origin wearing gray clothes.”

This incident comes after less than a week of attacks with improvised explosives in New York City that injured twenty-nine people, and the perpetrator was arrested at a later time. Also, last week witnessed a terrorist attack when an ISIS operative stabbed the visitors of a mall in the state of “Minnesota” Before he was killed by a US police officer.


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