At least 26 dead in Central America from powerful Hurricane Iota


Pensacola, Fl

At least 26 people have died in the wake of the powerful Hurricane Iota, which continues to bring torrential rain and winds to Central America.

Iota made landfall in Nicaragua, and although the storm has dissipated, the risk of heavy rain continues. The rains are expected to cause mudslides, life-threatening flash floods and floods in rivers.

State-run Radio Nicaragua reports that at least 16 people have died in Nicaragua, including 12 who died in a landslide in Matagalpa. Vice President Rosario Murillo said two children died while trying to cross a river on Monday.

In Beloy, Nicaragua, there are “fallen trees, electric poles, roofs of houses blown up in the air and a hotel that has completely lost its roof,” said SINAPRED director Guillermo Gonzalez.

The government said that more than 114,000 homes had no electricity and that more than 47,000 had no water.


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