Active shooting incident in Mayfair Mall; Many victims, the perpetrator is at large


Pensacola, Fl

The Wauwatosa Police Department is involved in an active shooting incident at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa

Officials said that many of the wounded were transported and transported from the northern end of Macy’s department store. Officials said none of the victims’ injuries appeared to be life-threatening – and the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office was not dispatched to the scene.

Officials said the perpetrator was at liberty at this time.

A press conference on this situation is scheduled for 5:55 pm. (New time) outside the mall building.

This is the fourth mass shooting in southeast Wisconsin in 2020.

A person inside a store at the mall said that SWAT won’t pass through the mall – store by store – in their efforts to find the culprit.

A source said Milwaukee County Attorney John Chisholm was at the scene. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office and the Milwaukee FBI also indicated that they had responded to help with the mall investigation.

 An employee at Mayfair Mall told FOX6 News that the mall was closed after an accident there. The employee indicates what happened at Macy’s end of the mall. It is in “shelter in place” mode at this time.

A person who works at the food court in the mall is Nate. He indicated that he heard gunshots one after the other.

“There is shooting,” Nate said. “We need to get out of here immediately.” “It’s just a mess.”

Another witness to what happened is a man named Zak who was visiting the mall from outside of town. He told FOX6 News that the whole situation was “terrifying and very messy”.

“When you hear that first shot, don’t click that it was a pistol,” Zack said. “Too terrifying.”

The owner of Brookfield Properties said in a statement that he is “frustrated and outraged that our guests and tenants experienced this violent incident today”. They refused to comment.

Mayfair Mall was a shooting site in February in which city police officer Joseph Mansah shot and killed Alvin Cole, a 17-year-old black. Police said Cole was fleeing the police; Mensah, who is also Black, said that he shot Cole because Cole aimed his gun at him. The mall was the target of sporadic protests over several months in the aftermath of the shooting.


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