Lizzo with her friends and her bikini on a yacht


Cases of COVID-19 are currently rising again in the United States, with the death toll rapidly approaching 250,000.

But those fears seemed a million miles away to Lizzo, when the 32-year-old took to Instagram Stories to share videos of herself glittering with friends on a yacht.

Good As Hell beatmaker wore a diminutive bikini for the pulse racing shots.

The singer and flute player was joined by many friends – none of whom wore masks – for the sunny boat ride.

Lizo’s hair was styled in striking red braids, and she accessorized her with a long beaded necklace around her neck.

Black is Beautiful track is played by Chronixx over images.

The footage may have been taken from Lizzo’s recent sunbathing break in Mexico.

Last week, the fun-loving star shared a video of herself dressed up looking adorable in a pink and blue bikini as she dipped her tortilla chips after sprinkling them with lemon.

The star was grappling with her long pink nails, as she was drinking the awkwardly named Corona beer.

She also shared a video of herself swinging on a sun lounger in front of a beautiful sunset on both her stories and her web.

She wrote: “I am here mentally.

Three Grammy Award winner Lizzo recently slipped in a string bikini and showed off her “ delicious back fat ” during the last day of her final trip to Puerto Vallarta.

She often showcases her slim 5ft 10in figure to her captive, who has 24.8 million followers from social media.

Lizzo (born Melissa Jefferson) flipped her back-length red braids dressed up by Shelby Swain as Ariana Grande’s new song played POV in the background.

Supporter Joe Biden was also featured in two more modest purple crochet pieces chosen by designer Marco Monroe.

Makeup artist Alexx Mayo made sure Lizo’s “pretty ** face” face was camera ready as she stood amongst tropical palm leaves.

The Detroit, Minneapolis-based sensation celebrated six months of following a strict vegan diet.

I think it’s lazy for me to say that I’m physically positive at this point, “said Lizzo.

‘it’s easy. I like to be body standard. I want to normalize my body. And it’s not just saying, “Oh, look at this amazing movement. Being fat is a positive thing for the body.” No, being obese is normal.

I think now, I owe it to the people who started this not just to stop here. We have to make people uncomfortable again, so we can continue to change. Change is always uncomfortable, isn’t it?


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