Florida Survive from an Italian cruise ship full of Corona virus Heading to Miami


Pensacola, fl

Florida escaped from receiving an Italian passenger ship filled with the Corona virus that was on its way to Miami on its voyage around the world

After eight passengers tested positive for the Coronavirus, the outbreak occurred on board the Costa Diadema, which set off from Genoa and ended its journey, before starting the second sailing with many of the same passengers on board.

On the first sailing, seven passengers tested positive for Covid-19 after their trips to the Greek islands, and had to self-isolate on the ship before leaving the ship in Palermo.

Although there were no symptoms, they all tested positive again on the beach

The ship ended its original itinerary, with a stopover in Sardinia and Civitavecchia near Rome, before setting off on its second sail.

However, a new contact-tracing technology being tried by Costa identified another passenger who could have been infected.

The 78-year-old has also tested positive for Covid-19.

“They disembarked another passenger at the port of call showing symptoms. It was in Naples,” a spokesman for Carnival Corporation, the company that owns Costa Cruises, said,

“All the guests were then tested before coming to Genoa.”

The second man was taken to hospital in Naples, according to local media. It is unclear what his condition is now.

The Diadema was chartered by a French company and all passengers on board were French citizens.

The decision was made to end the second sailing, after French President Emmanuel Macron restored the state of health emergency in the country.

“Based on the epidemiological situation in France and the new restrictions introduced by the French government, we took the decision

“In anticipation of the end of the cruise,” a Costa Cruises spokesman said.

The Italian ship had successfully crossed the Suez Canal as part of the convoy south of the shipping course of the canal, on its voyage coming from the UAE and bound for Italy.

The Egyptian authorities said that special arrangements were made to enter the canal and guide it remotely, in a precedent, the first of its kind in the history of the canal, through a pilot crew on two accompanying tugboats, and full coordination with the traffic offices and navigation control stations.

The authorities clarified that the special procedures followed by the Suez Canal in coordination with the Ministry of Health, which recommended that no one boarding the ship or disembarking any of its crew after informing the ship’s captain of the presence of 65 cases infected with Coronavirus on board the ship.

As the ship was crossed safely and unusual measures and procedures were taken to enter the ship at four in the morning with a time interval prior to the date of the southern convoy, and 3 of the authority’s senior guides were assigned to direct and guide remotely on board two tugboats accompanying the ship, one in front and the other back to steer the ship beside the radar guidance in coordination with the movement offices and stations Navigation control along the channel

And precautionary and preventive measures have been taken to ensure the regularity of the navigation movement in the canal and to maintain the safety of the workers closely with the passing ships.


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