Cardi B responds to rumors of male rape and drug use


Pensacola, Fl

For months, Cardi B has been bullied online for an old video he’s been walking around. In the clip, the rapper appears to have admitted to drugging the men during her days as a stripper, taking them back to her room and robbing them. She was accused of being a rapist, which he ignored until now. The comments finally became too much for her to fly over her head because this morning, Bardy launched a series of tweets defending herself and her past actions.

“I’ve let people deal with my version for a long time,” said the Bronx character, acknowledging the whispers in the crowded comment section. “I never once said I put shit inside n *** as drinks. I never did. This n *** used for sugar, party smoke maa weed heavily and fainted. I never forced it ** * to come with me anywhere I have not had sex with anyone. They used to meb [sic] disgust me so much because people keep calling me rapist when I don’t kiss these men so he’s so crazy. ”

She went to claim that in the past she had to scream and run from men who had dealt with her violently. She says her work in the nightlife industry has been hit by a lot. All of her tweets have since been deleted but you can quickly look at them below.


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