12 people were killed in a mass bar shooting in Thousand Oaks, California


Pensacola, Fl

A gunman opened fire at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, killing at least 12 people during a celebration, including a deputy mayor who was planning to retire next year. The authorities said that the 28-year-old gunman was also killed.

Police were called to the Borderline Bar & Grill in the Ventura County suburb, 40 miles northwest of Downtown Los Angeles, late

“It’s a terrible sight there,” Ventura County Sheriff Jeff Dean told a news conference in the parking lot of the Borderline Bar and Grill. “There is blood everywhere.”

The massacre was the most recent mass shooting in the United States, and came less than two weeks after a gunman killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Dean said multiple 911 calls were received at 11:20 p.m. Of shots that are fired. “After about three minutes, a patrol officer and his deputy entered the highway. At the traffic … the police sergeant was shot several times.”

An FBI agent talks to a potential witness to the shooting at the Borderline BarÂ

The motive behind the recent mass shooting was unknown. Witnesses told TV stations at the scene that the gunman was tall, wore completely black, and partially covered his head and face. They said that he first shot someone working in the door, and then appeared to be shooting randomly at those inside.

Sarah Rose Desson told “Good Morning America” ​​that she watched the shooter pull his rifle.

She said, “I fell on the ground.” “Everyone is falling!” Shouted a friend. ′ We were hiding behind tables trying to cover ourselves. “

Dean said 12 of the dead included vice Sheriff Ron Hilos, a 29-year-old proxy veteran looking to retire next year, choking on tears as he talks about his old friend.

Dean said, “Ron was a diligent and devoted police sergeant and was totally observant, and night, as she told his wife, he died a hero because he went to save lives.”

Hundreds of people are believed to be inside. A number of universities have released statements about the shooting.

“The university received reports that several Pepperdine students were at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks this evening when a gunman entered the site and started shooting,” Pepperdine University said. “At this time, the university is working to identify these students and provide them with support.”

Students associated with CLU government, a student organization that acts as the unifying voice of the student body at California Lutheran University, took to Facebook to show solidarity with those affected by the shooting.

“Our hearts go out to everyone affected tonight by the Borderline shooting. We are here for you at this tragic time, whatever the need.” “Stay safe,” says the Facebook post.

Social media filled with reports and reactions as the shooting began. Local media reporter Jeremy Childs tweeted photos and videos of the incident

The suspected gunman lived in the Newbury Park area of ​​Thousand Oaks, five miles from the shooting site.


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