A man rapes his wife’s mother in a brutal attack


Pensacola, Fl

The twisted sex monster who raped his wife’s mother in a brutal attack could get out of prison in just two years.

The 38-year-old raped the woman and then stole $ 100 from her wallet while staying at her home in Brisbane, Australia.

He was arrested shortly after he left the house of his mother-in-law.

The Predator initially denied any “sexual activity” – but subsequently pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one minor crime, the Bisbn County Court heard.

He was imprisoned for seven and a half years, but could be released on parole by 2022.

The man, whose name has not been released for legal reasons, stayed at the 48-year-old’s home when he attacked her, the court heard.

King Attorney General Toby Corby told Brisbane County Courthouse how he had forced his victim to have sex with him.

“She was crying the whole time, but out of fear, she remained silent,” he said.

Once he’s done, lay down next to her and hold her.

“She was awake and terrified until I was able to get away and answer her phone.”

Rowan Jackson QC said the woman repeatedly begged the man to leave her alone but he continued to attack.

Judge Jackson said the woman felt horrified, helpless, and had trouble sleeping since then.

Defense attorney Dominic Nguyen said his client was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest during his childhood.

He said this was not an excuse for the crimes but he told the court that his client had problems with alcohol and marijuana.


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