Police shoot and kill man 4 hours after confronting Batesville


Pensacola, Fl

A man was shot dead by Batesville Police in the aftermath of an encounter, according to the Sgt. Stephen Wells of the Indiana State Police.

Wells says Batesville Police originally received a call at around 8 a.m. regarding a local situation on Bridlewood Trace Road.

The officers managed to get a woman and three young children out of the house. Police say the man who lived in the house stayed inside.

As an officer stands outside the garage door trying to contact the man inside the house, Wells says a bullet was fired in the direction of the officer. The officer was lightly injured when he was hit by debris from the bullet.

Wells says the officers then set up a perimeter around the house. SWAT and the ISP’s hostage negotiation team responded. Police say negotiators managed to briefly contact the man.

He said that additional shots were fired from inside the house around 11 a.m. After half an hour, the man got out of the garage with a pistol.

Wells says officers shot and hit the man at least once.

Police said officers provided him with immediate medical attention, and then Batesville EMS, already on site, took him to Margaret Mary Health, Wells says. The man died there later.

The internet service provider says the names of the deceased suspect as well as the officers involved will soon be released.

The Internet service provider’s Versailles Post investigators are leading the investigation.

The anatomy and toxicology reports are outstanding.


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