59 people were killed at a Las Vegas party and 500 injured


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59 people were killed and 515 people were hospitalized after a shooting incident at a concert in Las Vegas.

Local police said the attacker’s name was Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old resident of the area who shot from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel at an open-air concert attended by 22,000 people.

The police stormed the hotel room in which Paddock was present, and found him dead, as well as a number of rifles.

This is the worst shooting incident in the United States in recent years.

Officer Joe Lombardo of the Las Vegas Police Department described the attack as a “lone wolf” attack. He said there was no information on Paddock’s motives.

We have no information about his beliefs,” he said.

He added that police are now certain they know the location of a woman named Marilou Danley, who is believed to have been with the attacker before the attack.

Lombardo said he could not give accurate information about the dead and wounded, but confirmed that two policemen who were outside their working hours were among the dead.

Hundreds of people fled the scene. What appeared to be prolonged fire from an automatic weapon can be heard in the video recordings of the accident site.

Police prevented entry and exit from a number of hotels near the site of the accident, and parts of the Las Vegas Boulevard area remained closed

People took shelter inside hotels, restaurants and Macaren Airport in Las Vegas.

An English witness named Mike Thompson told the BBC that he saw people running in complete panic.

Thompson said a man was covered in blood, and then I knew something had happened. “People were running and there was chaos in the air,” Thompson said.

Mike Magary, one of the party goers, told the agency that he had protected his sons by lying on top of them when he heard the gunfire.

He added that they are twenty, I am 53 and have lived a good life and Thompson and his sons survived.

Singer James Aldean, who rushed off the stage when the shooting started on Instagram, said he was fine but very sad about what happened and wrote the night was more than horrific and added it hurt my heart that it would happen to anyone who just wanted to have a fun evening.

And gun laws in Nevada, where Las Vegas is located, is one of the least stringent gun licensing laws in the United States. People are allowed to carry weapons and they do not have to register themselves as possessing weapons. People are investigated when buying a weapon, but they can also sell weapons in particular, and the state does not prohibit automatic and semi-automatic weapons. mechanism


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