3 people are killed in a shooting at a Dallas nightclub


Pensacola, Fl

Three people were killed in an early morning shooting at a club in northwest Dallas.

Police were called in just after 2:30 a.m. for the fight that ended with the shooting inside the Aces of Dallas, near I-35 and the Northwest Highway.

The officers found three people who had been shot.

Daryl Wayne Neelums Jr., 26, died at the scene, while Demarion Marquis of Glasgow, 27, and 29-year-old Taveon Ellis Rice, were taken to a local hospital, where they were later pronounced dead.

No arrests were made.

The police are still investigating, and have not released any other details about the cause of the shooting.

Aces of Dallas is listed as a cocktail lounge. It is located in an industrial zone and the city’s appraisal records reveal that it is for industry, manufacturing and distribution.

Social media accounts show hundreds of people inside at the shooting.

Nia Beaton recalls: “Stay calm, hit the ground, don’t shoot.”

Peyton was avoiding shooting while inside Dallas aces at the club.

“The shots looked like they were going on forever. I was lying on the ground. People were trampling on everyone, dropping things,” she explained.

The event, which started on Saturday evening, has been promoted to feature celebrity entrepreneur Jaida Chiefs.

Cheaves, on her verified Instagram account, has shared videos showing hundreds of people inside the packed club.

Biton does not know what led to the repayments.

“It was first and then everyone looked around and was like a pop. Right after that, there was a lot,” she recalls.

She described a chaotic scene.

“It was really loud,” Peyton recalls. “There were a lot of people running everywhere.” “Like, I was getting ready to shoot to the ground, I was like, ‘Well, that bad wouldn’t hurt. It wouldn’t hurt that bad. “

She said it felt like an eternity, but in reality, it happened quickly. I finally managed to get out.

 “Thirty seconds and it was shots the whole time,” she said. “Everyone woke up and drove, so I got up and crawled behind a table and then they said, ‘Okay, go out. So I ran across the exit. Then they said, ‘Oh, they’re outside,’ so I had to run up the stairs, and it was a lot, but we finally got out. ”

He spoke with multiple groups of people who had returned to the club to pick up their dropped belongings during the escape, as there were belongings strewn in the parking lot.

Dallas is on track to surpass its record-breaking murder rate last year.

Police and elected leaders are trying to find a solution.

A representative of the Aces of Dallas declined to comment on the location of the accident.


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