Spanish father rapes his daughter and two friends to free them from evil spirits


Pensacola, fl

A Spanish father accused of raping his 15-year-old daughter and two of her friends said that he did this in order to free them from what he called evil spirits.

The father, Javier GD, will appear in court with the public prosecutor demanding his imprisonment for at least 45 years.

The girls say they were repeatedly raped at the home of GDV Pia L’Auberget, near Barcelona.

The public prosecutor says that Javier’s wife is also involved in the abuse, calling for her to be imprisoned for 9 years.

It is reported that the mother was at home during the rape of JD girls until she was asking them what it was like.

The father claims that he used to hear voices demanding that he rape girls to free them from the curse of misfortune that would befall their relatives.

The trial of JD will begin in Barcelona after a verdict was passed in the case of five men who were convicted of assaulting a young woman during a bullfighting festival in Papalonia, and they were sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.


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