80-year-old man arrested on suspicion of raping a 7-year-old girl he was trusted to watch


Pensacola, Fl

An 80-year-old Tennessee man trusted with caring for his roommate’s 7-year-old daughter was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault of the girl.

According to court documents, youth services investigators received a phone call about a young girl who was left in the care of Dionese Hernandez while her father went to the store, which is about the time the girl said she was raped by Hernandez.

Police said the girl and her father lived in an apartment in Nashville with Hernandez.

The father immediately reported the incident to authorities, after which Hernandez confessed to the act, according to police.

Police said the girl was taken to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, where she reported what had happened to the police and Youth Services Investigations.

Hernandez is charged with two felony counts of child rape, and he is being held at Hill Detention Center in Davidson County on $ 300,000 bail.


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