79-year-old Texas grandmother stands on a barrel at her grandson’s party


Pensacola, Fl

The 79-year-old granny proves that she has no problem keeping up with youth and the latest trends.

Madison Munoz says many of her family members, such as her 79-year-old grandmother Murrell, came to Arlington over the weekend to have her younger brother graduated from Mansfield High School.

Since the Munoz family bought barrels for their prom, her grandmother told her how she always wanted to try making a barrel stand. Munoz didn’t know if she was being serious, but soon learned she wasn’t holding back.

With her legs in the air, Grandma Muriel fulfilled her wish at the family’s Sunday graduation party and drank beer from the barrel upside down.

Munoz snapped several photos of the real star of the party over the barrel stand and posted them on Twitter, instantly garnering thousands of likes and tweets and making Grandma Morell an internet sensation.

The 20-year-old Texas A&M student says her grandmother has always been “fun” and loves learning the latest dance moves, directions and phrases.

Munoz recalls: “Last night while watching the Warriors match, Steve hit three points and said, ‘It’s too lit man,’ and she swallowed. ” “So I had a hit with everyone my age.”

Munoz says Granny Muriel is back home to California and is enjoying her 15-minute fame.

“She thinks all the attention is funny and is having fun,” Munoz said. “She got an Uber from the airport yesterday and she told us she told the driver that she’s famous now!


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