3 dead and 2 injured in Glendale, Arizona


Pensacola, Fl

Glendale Police are investigating a fatal shooting incident that broke out overnight. Three people were killed in the shooting.

Police responded to a house near 67th Street, Missouri, early in the morning. A neighbor reported that he heard gunfire during a house party.

Glendale Police said three people were killed at the scene and two others were wounded by gunfire.

Police did not say how many people took part in the shooting, but said that several people were injured by fire during the party. The two injured victims were rushed to hospital, but they were expected to survive.

About twenty teenagers and young men attended the party, and gunfire erupted when a group of young men was asked to leave.

Officers are looking for five suspects they believe were involved in the shooting; they are between 16 and early 20s.


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