Detroit girl, 5, was killed; mom was shot 16 times after a Detroit family dispute


Pensacola, Fl

During a press conference, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the mother of a 5-year-old boy who was killed last night was targeted and shot 16 times while the girl was hit by a single bullet in the head.

Craig held a press conference around one in the afternoon. In Detroit, additional details are given of the fatal shooting and subsequent shooting of an officer a few hours later.

Craig said the woman and her baby were lying in bed together when the shooting happened. The woman was shot 16 and the child was hit one time in the head.

He could not confirm that the girl was deliberately targeted by the shooter.

“I fired 16 shots at the adult and a final round. I’m not sure but it may seem (it was on purpose),” Craig said.

The police responded and when they arrived, the girl had a faint pulse. She was taken to hospital but later passed away.

The woman was also hospitalized and was last listed in serious condition.

Craig said the shooting appeared to be related to a rift between the mother and her sisters.

After the shooting, Detroit Police spoke to witnesses who recognized a vehicle that had fled the scene. Police obtained a search warrant for a house about two miles away.

Craig says the officers shouted “a search warrant, a search warrant” and encountered an armed man when they entered the house. He said he saw the first officer’s body camera unit and that the officer shot because he was facing an imminent threat.

The man was shot several times.

Detroit Police arrested several more people and a third person a few hours after the shooting.


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