The governor of Nevada was infected with the Corona virus


Pensacola, fl

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced that he had been diagnosed with the emerging coronavirus.

Sisolak, 66, who belongs to the Democratic Party, confirmed, in contact with reporters, that the results of the rapid examination for the diagnosis of Corona, which he underwent, were positive, indicating that no symptoms of the disease appeared to him so far.

The governor indicated that this matter confirms the risk of infection with the coronavirus, regardless of all preventive measures, adding that he intends to enter quarantine.

And at least two other people in the Nevada governor’s office have been infected with the virus that causes the “Covid-19” disease since early October.

Sisolak became the fifth state governor in the United States to be diagnosed with Corona.

Sisolak’s announcement comes against the backdrop of Nevada recording the largest daily increase in infections since the beginning of the pandemic (1,857 injuries within 24 hours), which raises the total number of infections that have been detected in the state to 116,737, of which 1893 deaths.


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