Michael Jackson’s daughter admits that she tore up a rock band on her new album


Pensacola, Fl

Michael Jackson’s daughter and pop singer Paris Jackson hinted at the sound of her upcoming debut album “Wilted” with a humorous tweet referring to British rock band Radiohead.

The beautiful model and dedicated activist, Paris Jackson, took to Twitter to impress her fans on the eve of the release of her first solo album, which was released recently.

Jackson retweeted the statements from the sources she listened to. Her complete album and found it personally and healer.

Besides, Paris indicated her own response to “Wilted” with a funny tweet, admitting she was heavily influenced by the popular alternative rock band Radiohead. Jackson said her album is Radiohead in All Ways.

She said she has songs on her debut album that sound like pop-Radiohead rip-off, Radiohead rip-off, Cage the Elephant / Radiohead rip-off, and Radiohead rip-off.

As you know, Paris Jackson released the official music video for her lead single “Let Down” from the album a few days ago. She described her new song as an emotional breakup song. Paris has expressed her happiness with her upcoming project by admitting that she is feeling a lot of emotions at the same time.

Here is what Paris Jackson said in her last tweet:

My album is like “What song?” Rip pop-Radiohead, rip Radiohead audio, rip Cage the Elephant / Radiohead, or rip off the weird Radiohead?

“the stranger.” “Oh, yeah, that’s track # 8.”


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