Madonna recounts her rape and life story in a new movie


Pensacola, Fl

The audience of the international artist, Madonna, is waiting for the documentary film that narrates her personal and artistic biography, which she will write and direct.

A source close to the star confirmed to the British newspaper The Mirror, that the biography she is working on will narrate many difficult and special events, as well as the terrifying moments that she was exposed to when she was twenty years old, after being raped under. Threatening knives.

The source added that the film will also deal with Madonna’s suffering after she lost her mother to cancer when she was five years old, and how she transformed her loss and pain into a creative force.

About the project, she said: “I want to convey this wonderful journey in life as an artist, musician, dancer and human trying to make her way in this world, and that the focus of the film will always be music.”

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