Lady Gaga and Ashley Judd get raped in teenage


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Lady Gaga

Pop singer Lady Gaga revealed that she was raped at the age of 19. According to a report on ANI, she told songwriter Howard Stern on his radio show that her song “Swine” is about rape and frustration. She also revealed that she went through some horrific things that she can laugh at right now due to the various treatment sessions she has undergone over the years. She also maintains that the music helped her deal with the situation.

The report states that Gaga revealed that the ordeal began when she was nineteen years old and went to Catholic school, and that it took four to five years before the reality of the situation afflicted her. When asked if she has ever encountered her rapist, the report said Lady Gaga insists that she has been paralyzed out of fear of seeing a rapist who was a music director 20 years her senior. She also agrees that only then did she realize how corrupt he was.

Child sexual abuse is a major cause of concern for many.

The dark experiences children face while growing up in the form of frightening sexual assault and scarring their memories for the rest of their lives. Quite a few celebs have spoken out about the issue and also revealed their painful memories as they went through the same thing during their childhood. We have included a few celebrities who were sexually abused as a child

Ashley Judd

American film and television actress Ashley Judd was also a victim of sexual assault as a child. One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, Ashley Judd was brutally raped multiple times during her childhood and youth.

In her diary, “Ordinary Life,” the actress opened up about how she was lured into an empty building by a stranger who said he would give her a quarter for a pinball machine. Then the stranger molested her. What left Ashley devastated was the fact that although she managed to fight the culprit, her family refused to believe her when she told them about the horrific accident.

Ashley said she was raped during her modeling days when a male model forced her to have oral sex for him.

The political activist wrote in her book “All that is Bitter and Sweet” that she wanted to kill herself and “once took a gun herself, opened the room and put it in her head!”


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