For the first time, the daily cases of corona in the United States are over 180,000


Pensacola, fl

Johns Hopkins University of America reported that daily infections with the Corona virus in the United States for the first time since the start of the pandemic have crossed the 180,000 threshold.

The university, which relies on its statistics on data from official bodies and open sources, announced that the death toll from confirmed coronavirus infections in the United States witnessed a sharp and unprecedented new record jump with 184514 new cases of infection recorded during Friday alone, compared to 153,496 cases on Thursday (which was the largest daily increase. Since the beginning of the pandemic, too).

The university confirmed that the American health authorities detected 1431 new deaths resulting from the epidemic yesterday, which significantly exceeds the previous day’s statistics (919 deaths).

In general, to date, according to the latest university data, 10 million and 745,524 confirmed cases of the virus have been recorded in the United States, and 244,364 deaths, which represent the largest number of injuries and deaths in the world.


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