A nurse rapes a male dementia patient


Pensacola, Fl

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of raping an elderly patient with dementia in a Florida nursing home.

Getty Belizer, 39, was reportedly found naked in the man’s room around 5 am.

The man later told the police, “She jumped on me and raped me.”

Investigators say DNA evidence also links her to the alleged crime, at Brookshire Assisted Living in Melbourne.

Pelesier’s co-workers said the man – whose identity has not been revealed – is “stunned and embarrassed”.

They were suspicious because she was missing for 90 minutes before she was allegedly found dressed in the man’s bathroom.

The tests were performed on an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Police say this evidence supports the man’s allegations, and Blaiseur has been taken into custody.

She was fired after her arrest, after being suspended after the prosecution was filed.

The caregiver was accused of indecent and lewd sexual harassment of an elderly person, as well as insulting an elderly person

In a statement, the employer said, “Our center complies with many state and federal regulations, as well as internal policies designed to keep residents safe.

While the ongoing investigation into this issue prevents us from commenting on the details, we have followed all appropriate protocols, including immediate suspension and final termination of the employee concerned.

“We will continue to fully cooperate with the local authorities and state agencies as their investigations continue.”


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