A woman shot by her mother hit her young child in the Uber Eats dispute, says what happened


Pensacola, Fl

 Detroit Police say the child who was shot in the groin remains in critical condition, and her mother is still being held in the Detroit detention center.

“It pained my heart that a little girl was shot,” Dani Daniels said. I didn’t know the child was in the car, the way she was shooting her car.

Daniels says the bullet that hit a 21-month-old girl Monday night was aimed at her, her fiancé or neighbor.

The 30-year-old doesn’t want to show her face on TV, but she lives next door to the woman who accidentally shot her daughter after a quarrel over a meal from Uber Eats.

Daniels says one of their neighbors ate after seeing that it had remained untouched for about half an hour after it was delivered. Then the world arose and did not sit.

“As soon as she came onto the balcony, she attacked the girl from the start,” Daniels said. “Then it’s always quick,” I’ll get my rifle, I’ll get my rifle. ” “That’s why I took my children out of the house.”

Daniels says her fiancé tried to play the peacemaker, so he broke up the fight and offered to pay the woman for an Uber Eats meal. It was an offer that I turned down.

Daniels said, by the time I came around the turn, she was fighting, I mean she’s arguing with him. “So I ran to it and said anything, whatever else you know, we’ll fight. Amidst a fight (between us), my fiancé is trying to break the quarrel.”

Daniels says she, her husband, and the neighbor who consumed the Uber Eats meals were standing near the woman’s car when she took out a gun and started shooting, missing her intended targets, but accidentally hit her 21-month-old who is still at home. the hospital.

“If you can avoid a situation because you have kids and you can walk away from it with your kids, then you do,” Daniels said.

The toddler’s mother is a cash payment law holder.

Daniels claims that a hammer was at the scene because her grandfather was working in her house, but it was never used in a melee.


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