A man is killed in a Bensenville plant explosion at Pureline Treatment Systems in Bensenville


Pensacola, Fl

A person was killed in a factory explosion in an industrial area in the northwestern suburbs of Pennsville.

A man in his twenties was killed in the wake of a plant explosion inside Pureline Treatment Systems, according to the Peninsville Fire Department. The company manufactures chlorine dioxide technologies used in water purification.

The explosion was so strong and massive that many agencies had to be called in to help respond.

“They were met by someone who managed to pull himself out of the building and proceeded to say that his partner was still inside the building,” said Scott Walker, chief of the Pennsville fire department, Scott Walker.

The crew took a hose to search for the missing employee, trying to forge their way through piles of debris and what turned out to be a toxic cloud from a damaged container of hydrochloric acid. Two firefighters were taken to hospital for a short time after inhaling the fumes.

President Walker said, “One laboratory has completely disappeared.” “The second lab, where the victim was finally discovered, you can’t go in because it had a crest, but without sides. It was backed with nothing.”

The victim has not yet been identified by the DuPage County Investigator. While an official cause of the explosion has not yet been revealed, an OSHA spokesperson confirmed that they are investigating.


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