33 people were injured in a train collision in Pennsylvania


Pensacola, Fl

More than 30 people were injured after a train collided with another train that was parked at SEPTA Street Station 69 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

The accident occurred early this morning around 12:15 am when the train was heading inland towards the station

Inbound Norristown High Speed ​​Line collided with an unmanned train that was parked at the station. According to officials, 32 passengers and one train operator on the express line train were injured.

In an early morning news briefing, Upper Darby Mayor Nicholas Mikuzi said at least four people were seriously injured. One of the victims was transferred in critical condition to Ben Presbyterian Hospital, while the other three were transferred to Lankinau Hospital.

The train operator was treated in the hospital and has since been released. The remaining passengers were taken to a number of other local hospitals.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, and it is not yet known if that area of ​​the track was equipped with the positive train control technology that was previously the focus of changes made to the Amtrak railway after derailment.

Trains will depart at the top of the hour, with service every 20 minutes between the 69th Street Transportation Center and the Norristown Transportation Center. There are no Hughes Park or Brian Mawr tours. The trains will run the local service between the 69th Street Norristown Transportation Center.


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