Dallas 7-Eleven writer and suspects murdered an attempted robbery


Pensacola, Fl

A 7-Eleven writer and suspect died in a burglary that worsened in Northwest Dallas.

Police said several people tried to rob the store near the intersection of the Forest and Marsh lanes shortly after midnight

Three men were reported to have entered the store while two women stood outside. Moments later, police said, there was an exchange of fire between the employee and the male suspects.

The responding officers found the writer dead seated by a bullet. One suspect was also found critically injured in the store. He later died in hospital.

Police believe that at least one or both other male suspects were injured. They fled the scene, leaving the women behind.

The two suspects have been arrested for questioning and may face charges.

Police are also searching for male suspects while homicide investigators investigate the shooting.

The names of the writer and the suspect who was killed have yet to be released.


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