2 defendants accused of federal arms trafficking


Pensacola, Fl

Two men have been indicted on federal charges of smuggling weapons from Indiana to Chicago.

Benjamin Cortez-Gomez, 28, is charged with unlicensed handling of firearms and another count of illegal firearms possession as a felony, according to the United States Attorney’s Office in Northern Illinois. Gustavo Aurel Gomez-Hipolito, 24, has been accused of aiding and abetting Cortez-Gomez in the illegal possession of firearms.

Prosecutors said Cortez Gomez, with the help of Gomez Hipolito, bought seven rifles in Indiana and brought them to Chicago. It was found in his possession.

Prosecutors said Cortez Gomez remains in federal custody. Gomez-Hipolito has pleaded not guilty and is currently on trial.


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