Two dead, and a policeman was injured after a man shot the police, and a woman was hit by a cop cruiser


Pensacola, Fl

Two people were killed and an officer was injured after a bloody brawl in Lanham, Maryland. Prince George County police officers and New Carrollton police officers were involved in the accident.

Officers responded to reports of a suicide man with a pistol knocking at someone’s door in Building 7700 from Seans Terrace around 1:00 a.m. Police say the suspect shot the officers as soon as they arrived, and officers responded by shooting, Interim President Hector Velez said during an early morning press conference. Watch the full conference in the video below.

One of the officers was in a car, and a bullet exited his windshield, so the officer got out of the car to hide. Police stated that the suspect then got into the officer’s car and headed towards the officers. The suspect allegedly hit a family member in the middle of the road and this person, a woman, died.

The suspect then continued to drive, jumped onto the curb, wiped out two New Carrollton police vehicles, and collided with a third car head-on, police said.

At that point, “a New Carrollton police officer engaged the suspect.” Police said he was arrested and taken to hospital and died.


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