A 3-year-old girl was raped in a McDonald’s bathroom


Pensacola, Fl

A three-year-old girl complained about trying to summon help as she was raped by a stranger in a McDonald’s toilet. The young man was assaulted in the restaurant in Chicago, with shocking details of the attack being attacked during a court hearing of suspect Christopher Puente. According to court papers, the girl was at the city’s flagship McDonald’s restaurant with her father and brother when “her brother had an accident.”

The father of the two boys took both of them to the men’s restroom and brought his son to a stall to clean himself while his daughter waited outside. Then Puente, 34, was said to have lured the child into his stall while her father was busy. It has since emerged that he was in the US illegally from Mexico, as authorities in Chicago denied a request in June 2019 from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain him.

He allegedly pulled her in his lap, took down her pants and underwear, and then sexually assaulted her. Prosecutors said the attack left the young woman calling for help, with Puente covering her mouth with his hand in an attempt to stifle the sound.

But the little girl’s father heard her voice and tried to open the closed booth door, CBS Chicago reported. Then he looked at the top of the barrier, saw what was happening to her and grabbed the child’s legs to pull her out, the court said. The father took his children to his wife, then went back to the bathroom, at which time Puente is said to have fled the scene. He was arrested on Wednesday after an altercation at a store that saw him refuse to leave. Police were called to the scene and recognized by seizing the McDonald’s attacker’s combined surveillance. Puente is said to have confessed to the kidnapping and undressing of the girl, but to deny the rape. The prosecutor explained, “The defendant said he was nice and was thinking of something dirty. He was dirty and didn’t want the police to look for him or catch him.” He said he was paranoid and looked around as he left the bathroom because he knew what he had done was wrong. Puente charged with criminal and predatory sexual assault Alleged rapist, who has previously been convicted of including robbery, robbery, and beatings, was sentenced to be held without bail until his appearance in court


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