father raped a girl after watching an exercise


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A father who repeatedly raped a girl under the age of 13 was imprisoned for six years.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard that Michael Robert Woodvin, 26, who has pedophilia, had caused the girl “massive” physical harm and left her emotional scars for life.

She was left “terrified” by more abuse, and was so sad that she could not see a verdict of her attacker,

The injuries I sustained were too severe to spread.

Recorder Richard Pratt, QC, said Woodfine, from Huyton, claimed to have targeted his victim after seeing her do an activity in the gym, which sparked him.

“It was disgraceful and disgusting,” said the judge.

He said that the physical harm he had caused her at a young age was “immense” and that she was “terrified” that he would rape her again.

Recorder Pratt said, “I referred to the physical abuse I was subjected to. The emotional harm – which might sound amazing – exceeds even that physical harm.”

“She said in a touching personal statement to the victim that you ruined her life. You have taken away her childhood and feel that she will never be happy again.”

The judge said the victim had even spoken of blaming herself, but added: “I assert publicly that she should not feel any sense of blame whatsoever.

“You should carry this feeling of blame and shame for the rest of your life for what you did to it.”

The court heard that the girl’s mother called the police earlier this year to say that her daughter had been raped by Woodvin.

Charlotte Kenny, Attorney General, said the victim had her mother captive because she feared that she would rape her and Woodvin again.

Woodvin then voluntarily went to Huyton Police Station and told the officers that he wanted to turn himself in due to his mistreatment.

When questioned by the police, Ms. Kenny said, he confessed to raping the child and said, “She was young and it wasn’t true.”

The girl told the police that Woodvine raped her “several times,” but she cannot remember how many occasions.

She described how he made her touch his genitals and do a sexual act, even though she tried to push his hand away.

The victim said she also tried to stop him from rape and the attacks left her in pain.

Ms Kenny said Woodvine told the police “about his perception of things he did not force, but said he was extremely sorry for his actions.”

Woodfine, who has no fixed address but also lived in Sefton, has pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one count of causing or inciting a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Kenny said the rape charges reflected his “behavioral trajectory” and were consistent with his admission that he raped her “multiple times.”

Stuart Nolan, his advocate, said that Woodvin, who has no prior convictions, was “extremely sorry” for the damage he had caused his victim.

He said, “His shame will follow him for the rest of his life. He will regret bitterly for his actions.”

Nolan said Woodvin had shown “the courage” to accept responsibility and not submit his victim to a trial and what would have been “another surviving nightmare”.

He said his client was the father of a two-year-old daughter, with whom he will not have the same relationship.

Recorder Pratt told Woodfine that the “only consolation” for the “terrible offender catalog” is that “unlike many people in your situation, you immediately accepted responsibility and went to surrender to the police.”

He said, “I am convinced that it was done not only because you had a sense of shame about what happened but also because even at this point you wanted to spare your victim more pain.”

The judge added, “Your behavior in surrendering yourself to the police is in my view and experience somewhat exceptional. I treat your remorse in this case as a uniquely important feature.”

Recorder Pratt said Woodvine was a “criminal of particular concern” and had him imprisoned for six years, with a one-year extension of his license.

This means that he will serve at least half of his sentence – three years – behind bars, before he is eligible to apply for parole.

Then he will only be released before the end of his six-year prison sentence if he is no longer considered a danger.

Woodfine must sign a lifetime sex offender registry and comply with a sexual harm prevention order until something else.


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