By a coincidence of millions … an heir sells his family’s home so that the buyer discovers a treasure inside


Pensacola, fl

In an odd coincidence of its kind, the office of the governor of a town in eastern France bought a house in which he found a treasure of gold worth more than 500 thousand euros.

The house, which has existed for more than a century, consists of two floors in the center of the municipality of More “Qism Al-Jura” and is owned by a family of merchants named “Joby”. About a month ago, its owner died leaving his only indirect heir who does not want to burden himself with the property and does not want To live in it, he decided to present it to the municipality to buy it from him.

Indeed, the municipality bought the house at a price of 130,000 euros, and during an inspection of the building, the employees of the mayor’s office found the treasure consisting of five gold bars and more than 1.1 thousand gold coins, worth 20,000 francs, in a safe located on the second floor.

The total value of the treasure is more than 500,000 euros, and in addition, optical devices from the late nineteenth century, pictures from WWII and other items of historical interest were found in the house.

Legal officials confirmed that the treasures are now the property of the city authorities, who made a very good deal with their purchase of the house.


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