A man mistakenly wins $ 2 million in Michigan


Pensacola, fl

A Michigan man accidentally bought two lottery tickets, without knowing that then these cards would make him win $ 2 million and become a millionaire and change his life.

The man named Samir Muzahim, 56, believed that he had made a costly mistake by mistakenly buying the lottery tickets for two identical dollars, but then discovered that he had won the million dollar prize twice.

For his part, Samir said that he used to keep the lottery ticket numbers on an application in his personal phone, and one time, specifically in the Mega Millions game, he realized that he had accidentally bought two of the same tickets.

“I connected to the Internet and bought a ticket using the family’s birthday numbers, and I forgot to save the numbers as favorites in the application, so I went back to them and set them up as preferred numbers so that I can easily operate them in the future,” he added.

And he continued, what I did not realize was that I would buy a second ticket with the same numbers at my disposal, and as soon as I found out that I had bought two tickets with identical numbers, I was a little upset but didn’t think much about it.

But when he returned to his mobile app, and compared the winning numbers to the ticket numbers, any regrets he had about losing $ 2 disappeared and realized that he won both tickets with $ 2 million.

Muzahim explained, “I recently logged into the application to check some tickets that I bought, and when I saw that I had two pending prizes worth a million dollars, I was” shocked “… and I could not believe it was real, it took many days until the truth proved that I was wrong. I paid for it with $ 2 million


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