A migrant woman says she was raped and pregnant in the Houston detention center


Pensacola, Fl

A woman alleges that she was raped and pregnant and then deported hours later from the Houston immigration detention center. She is now suing CoreCivic, a private prison corporation that owns the facility for punitive damages.

In a recorded recording provided by her attorneys, the woman, who was identified only as Jane Doe in a federal lawsuit, alleges that she and two other women were raped and sexually assaulted while in ICE detention at the CoreCivic Houston Treatment Center.

According to court documents, “At around midnight, three men entered the solitary cell and brutally attacked and sexually assaulted the prosecutor and the other two women. A few hours later, the three women – injured and concussed as a result of the attack – were put on a bus and deported to Mexico.”

“When you are sexually assaulted on the eve of deportation, it doesn’t give you much time to inform law enforcement before you are removed from the country,” said Michelle Simpson Twigl, an attorney at the FBI. The case of the woman. “Not to mention the fact that you are supposed to inform people who may have committed acts of violence against you.”

Twigl said her client gave birth to a baby girl nine months after the alleged rape. The identity of her alleged rapist remains unknown to this day after Tegel said their calls for a criminal investigation had gone nowhere.

Twigl said: “In this case, since the contract was with the United States government, the first thing we did was to actually inform the federal government about it. As far as we know, at this point, they did nothing.”

In a statement, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said: “In February 2019, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office received an allegation that a detainee had been sexually assaulted at a CoreCivic facility in Houston in June 2018. A thorough investigation was conducted and closed. After investigators were unable to confirm that a crime had occurred. As alleged. “

Rebekah Entralgo, a representative for Freedom for Immigrants, said the nonprofit advocacy group obtained the data through a public records request. Their analysis found an alarmingly low rate of investigations into allegations of sexual and physical abuse in immigration detention facilities.

“We analyzed the data obtained through the Freedom of Information Act – Freedom of Information Act requests, which found that the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security received more than 33,000 complaints of sexual assault or physical abuse against the component agencies of the Department of Homeland Security, but the Office of The inspector general investigated less than 1% of those cases. “

“At the time we released our report on sexual assault and the ICE presence, there were more complaints from Texas against the Department of Homeland Security – more than any other state. There were 7,390 complaints, but the IGC investigated only 120 of these complaints from the state.” Texas


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