Will Biden become the last “white” American president?


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The vote in the US states of Arizona and Nevada was the last straw that tipped the scales in favor of Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in the 2020 US presidential election.

Ironically, the Mexican immigrants, whom the current president and the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, fought so ferociously and long, became the reason for his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, to win a guaranteed victory, which confirms once again that the stubbornness of historical operations is practically impossible.

During the last decade, the Latino population in Nevada has grown from 27% to 33%, and in Arizona from 30% to 36%, and in general this trend is typical for all other states, and even the Latino minority has become a majority in some states, or They are going to become the majority in the next few years. For example, Spanish speakers in California and Texas have become 44% of the state’s population, while in New Mexico it is 52%, Colorado 25%, Florida 27%, and Illinois 20%. They are enough votes to defeat Trump

In general, these elections are fateful because they also represent the end of the two-party system in the United States of America, as well as the approaching end of white rule in the country. As we know, white conservatives form the backbone of the Republican Party, while ethnic minorities generally vote for the Democratic Party. So Trump was the last battle of the white majority for power, and I lost this battle. From now on, demographic trends, that is, the decline in the proportion of whites and the growth of national minorities, will deprive the Republican Party of the chances of any further victory at the national level in the coming years at the very least, and perhaps forever, given the doubts surrounding the ability of the United States to survive in its shape. Present. From now on, the Republicans will be doomed to be a minority in the US Congress, and may only be able, at best, to control some individual states, which are predominantly white. So Joe Biden may be the last white president of the next few terms.

At the same time, the crisis arising from demographic changes in the United States of America is a crisis related to the nature of the American system in essence, where the existence of a belt of Latin states from Texas to California raises a question about linguistic equality, at least for Hispanic Americans of Hispanic origin, and then the issue of governance will arise. Culturally and administratively, it may reach separatist tendencies in the future.

The United States of America has failed to create a successful model for peaceful coexistence between citizens of different races and nationalities, where ethnic communities are isolated from each other, do not mix, and try not to communicate without being necessary. At the same time, the Black Lives Matter movement suggests that this model could only hide the escalation of ethnic feuds, but it exploded and caused clashes at the first clash of race.

At this point, ethnic minorities are united against “white supremacists”, and this becomes part of the confrontation between Democrats and Republicans. However, as the proportion of ethnic minorities grows, further demarcation is likely to occur between citizens of African descent, other Hispanics, and other minorities, even if the Democratic Party maintains its presence as a spokesman for the interests of all national minorities, in addition to whites from The liberal-minded. Ethnically different parties will emerge, and none of them can form a government independently, and any political friction between these parties will cause an escalation of racial conflicts, which does not bode well for a sustainable system in the long run.

Also, the second element in the crisis of the party system in the United States of America is the collapse of the capitalist consensus. There is another political delineation maturing within the Democratic Party itself, based on attitudes towards socialist ideas. So far, the old elite has neutralized the left-wing ideologues that supported Bernie Sanders. However, there is a widespread belief among economists that Americans are living worse than previous generations since the 1960s. The current generations do not have almost any property, and they cannot get a suitable paid job. On the contrary, they are burdened with huge debts, which they will only be able to repay with their death. Therefore, it is not surprising that socialist ideas began to spread rapidly among American youth, especially among the “colored” among them. Confrontation and fragmentation in American society will take place on the borders of this line as well.

The United States of America faces challenges that it does not have the capacity to adequately respond to. In contrast to flexibility in changing the political agenda, reforms, and granting ethnic minorities greater political rights, the American elite is preoccupied with searching for external causes for the American crisis, and it blames one time on Putin, then on Russia at another, then on Russian interference in the elections a third time, and others. Instead of solving economic problems, the government is inflating the general budget deficit, and the Federal Reserve pumps the US economy with uncovered dollars, which over time will cause the destruction of the dollar as a currency, and with it the global economic system.

According to the theory of economic cycles by the great Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratiev, riots and revolutions usually occur at the end of each cycle, during economic crises. Complex, multinational states usually disintegrate in those economic crises. The coming economic crisis will carry enormous dimensions, and will exacerbate all internal conflicts in all countries to the maximum possible limits.


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