Two dead, and one person was taken to hospital after shooting in Minnesota


Pensacola, Fl

 Two people are killed and one is in hospital after a shooting attack in an apartment building in Minnesota.

Police said they responded to a call at Building 7600 off 157th Street around 8:45 p.m. A night on multiple reports to a man in the hallway with a gun. Others called, saying they heard gunshots.

As soon as he reached the scene, officers found a man in the corridor wounded with a bullet. Medics assisted and took the man to hospital, where he was expected to live.

Officers inspected a nearby apartment where they found a woman, apparently killed by a bullet.

During the investigation, the information led the officers to a suspect who also lives in the apartment complex. An arrest warrant for his home was executed, as he was found dead from what was believed to be a gunshot wound.

The police do not think there is a threat to the public.

The investigation is underway.


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