A 13-year-old boy was raped and left naked in Houston


Pensacola, Fl

Houston Police are searching for a rapist after finding a 13-year-old boy naked, beaten and robbed near Tidwell Park.

“The last thing he remembers is his attacker holding a big stick to hit him,” the victim’s mother said in Spanish. “He perfectly remembers who did it.”

A sixth grader left school on Monday and was hanging out near his apartment complex when he was approached by an African-American man in his 20s, according to his family.

“He tried to drink with him, smoke with him, and make him buy things from a store,” said the boy’s mother, who asked not to be identified.

In the end, the man took the boy’s phone and then began beating and sexually assaulting him, according to the mother.

His mother said, “He could hardly remember anything.” “He was in shock. He was just starting to remember things.”

The teen spent most of his days in a nearby hospital.

His uncle said, “He doesn’t want to talk at all. He doesn’t want to look at anyone.” “His life is ruined.”

His uncle said he came home around 5 p.m., a few hours after the police arrived, and helped officers search for evidence.

“I found clothes and shoes there,” said his uncle, pointing to a creek in the wooded area behind Tidwell Park. “I am surprised the police did not find them.”

The boy’s mother said, “I want them to catch him, I want him to pay, and I want there to be no more victims like my son.”

Houston Police have only confirmed that they are investigating possible sexual assault on a juvenile.

The mother said, “I want justice for my son, and I want the police to do their job.”

Knowing that her son’s alleged attacker is still outside spooks his mother and park visitors like Caleb Borsch, who enjoys spending time in Tidwell Park.

“My heart has stopped,” Porsche said. “It’s really sad.”

Porsche heard the news from a church member.

“It shouldn’t have happened to this little boy,” Borsch said. “At the same time, he shouldn’t have missed school but at that time I feel bad for his family and I pray for his family every day.”

It’s unclear if a rape kit was performed in this case. Houston Police said they always encourage the victim in these types of cases to have a trained medical professional to collect any evidence.


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