4 people are shot and two officers are injured in a criminal wave in Auckland


Pensacola, Fl

 At least two police officers were injured and one person was injured by police bullets during a robbery at a marijuana store in Oakland amid a crime wave late at night that included robberies of several companies by gunmen traveling in a convoy and shooting three men. They were driving a car, authorities said Wednesday.

The condition of the person shot has not been released. The police did not provide any other information about the person, including their age or gender

The two officers sustained injuries that required hospital treatment, but their circumstances are unknown.

“The officers are investigating a report of an ongoing theft of marijuana cultivation,” police said in a press release. “When the officers tried to arrest individuals, several officers were injured and the officer fired.”

Auckland Police spokeswoman Jonah Watson said more information would be announced later Wednesday.

Roland Holmgren, Vice President of Auckland, said there were dozens of burglaries or burglary attempts at marijuana and other companies across Auckland on Tuesday night by a “caravan of armed robbers”.

In another incident, two security guards, one 52 and the other 40, were shot during an attempted robbery at a marijuana store, according to the authorities. Their conditions were not available. No arrests have been made in this case.

Before dark in downtown Auckland, the site of regular protests this year, a large police presence could be seen, and several major streets were already fortified.

Council member Larry Reid told the newspaper he saw a group of people breaking into a store in a shopping mall and looting things. Reid said he called the police at the request of a security guard. He said that some of the officers who arrived were sent to the scene where the officer involved in the shooting took place.

“I just think it’s crazy. People will sit down and make all kinds of different excuses for the behavior of young men and women. I’m not going to make any excuses for their behavior because I don’t understand it. I fear people sitting in their living room,” who run to the back of Their home every time bullets are fired.

Auckland police are also investigating the shooting of three men, one of whom is 21 and the other two 22, who were shot while driving in a car. Three other passengers were not injured.

The three men are in stable condition

The victims told the police that they were driving when they heard gunfire and saw that they were injured.

One of the injured men was driving. He was able to drive to the hospital, where the police were called.

Officers found more than half a dozen shell casings on the street where the shooting occurred. The car the victims were traveling in was hit by several bullets.

The police have yet to announce the motive for the shooting and have not made any arrests

Auckland has seen a spike in violence recently with police investing 93 murders so far this year – 87 of them categorized as homicides. In 2019, the police investigated 78 murders in the city.


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