Two men die in a head-on collision in Bakersfield


Pensacola, Fl

A 32-year-old Bakersfield man and a 34-year-old lemur were killed in a crash last night on Highway 58.

At around 9:56 PM, the California Highway Patrol said it received a report of a crash on 58 East Edison Highway. When the officers responded to the scene, they found that two men had been fatally wounded and declared dead at the scene.

The division said the Acura was traveling east on Interstate 58 as Ford was heading west at speed approaching the wrong road Acura. Neither vehicle made an evasive maneuver and the front of the Acura collided with the front of Ford, according to the CHP.

The administration said the cars came to rest while blocking Route 1 of Highway 58 heading west. And Western Route 58 from Comanc Drive to Edison Expressway was closed for about three hours for investigation.


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