Mom killed a teen after he raped her six-year-old daughter


Pensacola, Fl

A woman allegedly killed a teenager after he “raped her six-year-old daughter”. Connie Serbo accused of shooting Xavier Sierra, 18, in a forest in Naples, Florida.

She allegedly called the police afterwards, and officers found Sierra’s body on the Godlett-Frank Road. Serpo, a mother of two, lured her victim to the site,

On their arrival, she allegedly told the officers: “I don’t care. He raped my daughter, I don’t care. He raped my daughter… She told me everything that happened.”

Later that day, Serpo’s mentally disabled brother John Vargas was found dead nearby.

According to police documents, they had recruited him for their plan to kill Sierra but he died after being shot in the stomach while fighting the teen. Serpo was reportedly planning to kill Sierra after her daughter told her he had raped her several years earlier, according to court documents. Serpo and her brother Vargas apparently drove the Sierra into the woods arguing that he was going to build a bunk bed for the money.

When he realized that something was wrong, he ran away but his brother and sister chased them and then shot them six times, according to court files. Vargas was allegedly killed after fighting with Sierra over possession of two pistols, and one of them exploded.

Serpo has been arrested for second-degree premeditation, and the case is currently under investigation, according to court papers. She had given custody of her two children to their father when the murder investigation began last year. Sira’s friend, Zachary Rodriguez, said: “Detention stirs up a lot of old feelings. He said,“ But it also weighs my chest and helps me breathe deeply. ”“ Things are going in the right direction, and it is good to know that justice is being served. ”


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