Lizzo comes out of the vote with a nice starlit style


Pensacola, fl

Lizzo knows the vote is as good as hell.

The Grammy Award Winner, 32, has been participating in a steady stream of stylish, election-themed footage over the past month, beginning with the “Auntie Sam” campaign – complete with a star-studded hat and a blue jacket.

“I see you using your power of protest and freedom of expression. I see you ignoring the narrow scope of our history and looking for the truth. Time to use your right to vote. She captioned her Instagram picture, even rocking in looks to get a good scale.”

For the Billboard Music Awards, Lizzo designed a Christian Siriano “Vote” dress in honor of Best Song Sales Artist.

“I’m so excited we’re all ready to vote! IMA treat this S – like Halloween and take everyone to celebrate our right we so desperately sought!” The pop star captioned a clip from her group, pairing LBD with a matching hat.

Next, Legally Blonde wore a pink cotton sweater ($ 1,500), a miniskirt ($ 980) and a bodice ($ 795), also from Siriano. Lizo took a strong dress code, writing, “Today is dedicated to our leaders who paved the way. Where would we be without our pioneers? While respecting the rights our ancestors dreamed of, let us be leaders of the next generation. We’ve come a long way to give up now. Are you ready to vote?”

Then she used an elaborate hairstyle to draw attention to the number of eligible voters who did not participate in the 2016 election, wearing subtle “40%” rolls over her head.

This is a huge deal. 40% of Americans did not vote in 2016! How could this country be so much 100% if we lost 40% of our eligible voters?!? I asked to explain.

When it came time to cast her vote, Lizzo came out in white denim, a bust with the American flag logo, Jimmy Choo x Timberland crystal-encrusted shoes ($ 5,500) and a bright red clutch, he even rocked a head full of fire. Curls to match.

“This is the third time that I have voted in my entire life,” she captioned a video clip of her dropping her vote in a ballot box. “When you think about how little and far apart it is, that sets the record straight! I think this is the beginning to make the vote accessible and fair so that this country reflects its people. To all the activists, thank you for your continued organization and service. Let’s have our vote so we can return. To the good fight for true freedom and justice for all. “

Lest you think Lizo’s national costume parade ended when she cast her vote, guess again: On Tuesday, the “Juice” singer celebrated Election Day with a Ray Ortiz custom-made American flag suit that showed a lot of skin – and shared a powerful message.

She began her long comment: “When I think of this country, I don’t think about its laws and I think about its people.” “I think about how we grew up to be patriots out of violence, propaganda and war. I think about how this country is owned by the oppressor and how the oppressed are trapped in the valley of capitalism.”

“But I also think of young people who refuse to be spoon fed on lies. I think of old people who have resisted obnoxious prejudices even when they felt impossible … Because of you, I am still hopeful.”

She also called for equality, fairness, and the separation of the church from the state and so forth, and ended her message with the words, “Today is the last day to vote. Stay on the line, keep your determination and thank you for voting.”


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