A woman, 41, “raped and terrorized a minor boy more than 20 times” in Florida


Pensacola, Fl

Police said a 41-year-old woman extorted a 15-year-old boy in fear for letting her rape him more than 20 times. Spring-Turner spent two years molesting the young, starting at the age of 15, and eventually, my twins allegedly gave birth to her victim in March of this year. Turner, from Orlando, Florida, was arrested and charged with sexual beating and sexual behavior with a minor last Thursday, and remains in Volusia County Jail without bail. After she was caught by investigators, Turner “only” allegedly had sex with the boy when he turned 17.

But that is still a year short of the age of consent in Florida, where the age gap means that any type of sexual relationship will automatically classify as legal rape.

Turner’s Facebook page describes itself as “the mother of a gorgeous 17-year-old son … and lovely twins … I love you 3.” She lists her relationship status as “single”. Her alleged abuse was revealed after a friend of the victim’s family, Amber Montgomery, sent an email to the Volusia County Police Office detailing the allegations. The deputies spoke to the boy, who confirmed the allegations, and told the MPs that he hated having sex with Turner. He said his alleged abuse would provoke him into using marijuana before he would benefit from it, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal. The boy said Turner had warned him that she would fire him from his home and get fired if he refused to have sex with her on Independence Day. He told the deputies that he feared she would pursue the matter, and then let her continue to offend him. DNA swabs were taken from Turner and her alleged victim. They confirmed that he is the father of her twin children, a boy and a girl.


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