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A law firm targeting child abuse cases claimed in a lawsuit that two organizations learned that a child who was being housed with a sexually aggressive teenager ended up raping her, according to a recently published investigation.

USA Today report stated that the abuse of a 16-year-old boy in March 2019 of the 3-week-old girl was captured by camera in a foster home in Ocala district.

The lawsuit was filed by Justice for Kids, a division of the law firm Kelley Kronenberg, last week in the Marion County Courthouse.

Both Kidz Central, a non-profit organization, and the centers’ case management organization, have been named as defendants.

“The family should never have had a license to care for these vulnerable, nonverbal children,” said Stacy Schmirling, a children’s justice attorney.

The boy, who was charged and tried as a juvenile guilty, was already charged with molesting other children, however childcare organizations continued to send other children to the same foster home, according to the lawsuit.

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