A teenager raped and robbed a pregnant woman after she asked him for directions to the stores


Pensacola, Fl

A 17-year-old boy was imprisoned for raping and robbing a pregnant woman while threatening with a screwdriver.

The victim had left her home to go to the stores and had asked the teen for directions while he was sitting at a bus stop.

He gave her directions but after a few minutes the woman realized that he was following her.

The boy, whose name cannot be mentioned due to his age, followed his terrifying victim across a park, grabbed her from behind, and took her phone and money.

After he took her valuables, he threatened her with a screwdriver and raped her.

But to make sure of his arrest, the woman offered the teen a sum of £ 500, which she would keep in her home, if he went there.

He agreed but told her he would “shoot her” if she did not hand over the money or if she tried to call the police.

Once home, the victim used another phone to call the police while her attacker was waiting outside.

Although he arrived after the young man left, officers searched the area and found him nearby.

The boy tried to run away, but officers chased him and arrested him.

When he was searched, they found the stolen money and phone with the screwdriver he used to threaten her.

The horrific attack took place near Feltham, west London, at around one in the morning

The teen had previously pleaded guilty to rape and theft, and was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison when he appeared in the Isleworth Crown Court.


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