A boy, 12, was raped and killed by a man who had sex with his body


Pensacola, Fl

A 12-year-old boy was raped and strangled to death after a man lured him into an abandoned building and then had sex with his body. Rodion Volkov was returning home from soccer coaching in Dnipro, Ukraine, when he thought a man approached him on the street. The stranger gained the schoolboy’s trust by taking him to a nearby grocery store and buying him candy. The footage shows the pair relaxing while they are lining up inside before leaving together. As they walked, the man persuaded Rodion to accompany him to the empty building in a nearby park. Investigators say that once inside, the older man raped the promising young footballer before strangling him and having sex with his corpse.

Rodion was reported missing by anxious relatives when he failed to return home or answer any calls. Officers quickly tracked his movements with his phone signal and began to search the park. As soon as the officers entered the dilapidated building, “they saw a man lying on a mattress covered with a pile of clothes”, police spokeswoman Lyudmila Kobylenko told local media. “He rushed to his feet, raised his pants and acted nervous.” She added, “The officers took off the clothes and found the boy’s body naked.”

The name of the 59-year-old who was arrested was not released, but police said he was homeless and living in the building. According to reports, he made a full confession, telling the officers, “He raped the boy before strangling him and having sex with his body.” He remains in detention awaiting rape and murder charges and faces life in prison if convicted. Investigations continue.


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