A 10-year-old girl “was raped and carried by her stepfather” and the local church gave her a baby shower


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A ten-year-old girl, allegedly raped and pregnant by her stepfather, her local church bathed her baby.

Horacio Ensaueraldi, 31, allegedly raped the unnamed child at his home in Monte Cacerus, Argentina, after the victim and her mother had moved.

The mother eventually left Insaurralde and moved in with her daughter when she realizes the relationship was not going well.

However, after two months the girl’s grandmother noticed that her stomach was growing and the mother alerted.

After realizing the girl was pregnant, the family considered legal interruption of pregnancy (ILE) – a procedure that was legally taken to perform an abortion in the country when the pregnancy was harmful to a person’s health, or resulted from rape.

According to the leader of the feminist group Ester Dotro, the young girl’s mother consulted the doctor who “thought that stopping pregnancy was more dangerous than continuing with it,” considering that she had already been 24 weeks pregnant and at such a young age.

Dutro criticized the doctor, saying, “The interpretation has been influenced by her ideological and religious views,” but she does not want to exclude her “medical and social work because they have done so much.”

This, along with “some other effects of sounds” asking her to keep the baby, “was enough for the mother so that she had no doubts about endangering her daughter’s life any more” and she decided to give birth to the 10-year-old, now 11, to carry the baby Whole period. Medics say the baby was born.

Church officials insisted that although they believed the father should be punished, they remained neutral about other circumstances and organized a baby reception “to support the young mother and her family.”

The victim is staying at the Illinois Torrence de Vidal Neonatal Hospital in Corrientes, Argentina, and is expected to undergo a cesarean delivery soon.

Insuraldi was arrested earlier this year and remains in detention, however, no further details have been revealed regarding the planned action against him.

Prosecutor Oscar Fabien Soto made a statement saying: “About a month ago the case was referred to trial and is pending history from the Criminal Criminal Court in Paso de los Liberace.”

A separate case was opened against the 31-year-old woman in the Family and Civil Law Department of Monte Cassiros.

The local newspaper “Pagina 12” spoke with the Ministerial Apostolic and Prophetic Church of Monte Cassiros, Pastor Mary, after they decided to bathe in one of their churches for the girl, describing it as “intimate, respectful of the COVID protocol.”

Mary said that despite being “in the interest of life,” she firmly believed that “the one who did it must bear the consequences.”

When asked if she supports the decision to carry the baby for a full term, the priest said: “I am neutral. This is a family decision.

“We have not given any advice to the family. I accept that she is a mother and a very young girl. However, the next child is life and the girl should be followed up psychologically.”

The family received a baby carriage and pieces of clothing for the child in the child’s bath.


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